2020 Corona Virus Infections

The infection with Coronavirus variants, which originated in China at the end of 2019, leads to illnesses that resemble flu with a high fever. A high % of the sick (20%) develops pneumonia, an smaller proportion (2%) dies. This makes this disease dangerous, but the number of cases that will appear in Belgium in February 2020 can not yet be estimated. Like many other viruses that come from Asia, the number of infected people may stay quite limited in Europe. 

One can only be infected if he is in direct contact with someone with a proven Corona infection. It is legally mandatory for all doctors to report every case of the disease to the health inspection. These services will decide how the sick person is treated and isolated. If this remains practically possible, each patient will be isolated for a few weeks.

No cases have yet been reported in our practice. If the numbers of infected people rise in society, we increase safety in the waiting room by providing mouth masks (1 per visiting person) and alcohol disinfection via pumps on the wall. If this happens in our country, you should disinfect your hands frequently after touching other people and common material such as door handles. As always, "shaking hands" is not advisable, to prevent infections to circulate. As long as there are not tens of thousands of infections in Belgium, there is no point in avoiding (tens of thousands of) doctor's practices and hospitals. Please keep in mind that not everyone can order a home visit (instead of coming to the clinic) for all his normal questions in these circumstances. It would make doctors and health staff less protected, and so are their subsequent patients. Home visits are, as always, primarily intended for bedridden patients or the very old. But ... if you have a fever and you surely have been in direct contact with a Corona infected person, you must request a home visit and you should not come to the waiting room.

All services continue to declare that thorough hand hygiene can help combat this epidemic.