In our waiting room, safety is increased by mouth masks, alcohol gel, and ventilation. We aim to admit fewer people at the same time. You take place 1.5 m from others, the fourth person has to take a seat in the hall, more people wait outside. Covid tests can be done in our office or in the test centers See: If you have a fever or cough, you must notify the doctor in advance (also when requesting home visits). There are no consultations on Saturdays during the epidemic. 

Getting a test

Covid tests can be done in our offices or in the triage centers (cf the link below). We offer both classic tests and quick tests. In both cases, a sample is taken from the nose. You will usually receive the result of the classic test by SMS within 12 to 24 hours. Results of quick tests are available during the same consultation. Both tests are fully reimbursed under certain circumstances (e.g. in case of complaints such as cough, long-term contact with a positive person, for hospital admissions, ...) and we can then get paid directly by the health insurance (mutualiteit).

Can I get a free PCR test from my GP to travel?

This is possible, by appointment on the normal website As a doctor, you choose "reservation Covid Test" and will be received by the practice assistant for the administration. Due to the large number, this cannot be combined with your other questions or needs. The doctor joins this appointment for 1 minute for the sample collection. We try to maintain this service in large numbers - at the request of many - in this way. Most GPs refuse these kinds of tasks due to time constraints. Doctors on call in weekends and evenings can NOT do this either. This is NOT possible on a home visit for travelers. Schedule your appointment in good time (48 or 72 hours before your arrival, depending on the country). If you do not bring a free CPTC code (which you created yourself on the website) to the consultation with your GP, the lab will always send you an invoice of 50 euros for the PCR test for travelers. The GP cannot make this code for you during the consultation! Even when you go to a test center, you must first create your code for free tests yourself at . . People who have had two vaccines can no longer be tested for free for travel purposes.

I received a message from the contact tracer, with a code and a list of test centers. Can I also go to the GP for my test?

Indeed, the test can also be done at the GP office (even if there are no GPs in the list of places where you can  be tested). In these cases, there are no lab fees wherever you choose to be tested. The results are also present in official media in both cases (Sciensano federal service of Belgium, covid passport).


In 2021, as many people as possible will be vaccinated against Covid19. We strongly recommend the vaccine. We took it ourselves.  It is good that questions are asked about the advantages and disadvantages of each new vaccine. This is always done with every new vaccine. The worse the disease, the more deaths from the disease, the clearer it is that the vaccine has far more advantages than disadvantages. Therefore vaccination against Covid19 is strongly recommended. You will in any case be invited by the government by letter to a vaccination center (Warande sports center in Wetteren).  At the time of vaccination, they give the vaccine that is delivered. Nobody can choose the type or brand name of his vaccine himself. It is not yet known whether we, as a general practitioner, will be able to vaccinate patients ourselves at home (if you are having difficulty moving around). In any case, this will be later than vaccination dates in vaccination centers. We do not have a single dose of this vaccine and we have not been promised anything in that regard.

When does one get the vaccine?

People over 65 and patients with a chronic condition are vaccinated at the vaccination centers in March. The government will send the invitations for this at the beginning of March. People with chronic diseases are automatically selected based on past medication use. You do not need to contact your doctor to be placed on a priority list for vaccination, this is determined automatically, but you must have an active global medical record (GMD). This is only possible if you visit the doctor at least once per calendar year and on the condition that your current, valid identity card has been read with us. The rest of the population will then have a turn from June. As general practitioners, we cannot change that.

How can I bring forward or postpone a vaccination date?

This is only possible on If the date of your second vaccine does not suit you, you can cancel the appointment and make a new appointment via Qvax. The GP cannot help with this, that is impossible.
Young people can also apply for their vaccine as soon as possible.

Traveling in the summer of 2021: test and vaccines

If you are going abroad this summer, it is best to inform yourself about the conditions. Do you need to be vaccinated, or tested, or both? What you need always depends on your destination. It is best to start looking up the necessary information in time, it can change quickly and it is stated that the traveler is responsible for knowing the current situation at his travel destination, not the doctor or the vaccination center. They merely provide the requested tests and vaccines. You will find an overview of measures per country here:

You can, however, rely on the two basic principles: the digital corona certificate and having yourself tested.

The digital corona certificate

Those who have a valid digital corona certificate can travel freely in the European Union, but in some countries they still have to submit a recent test.

That certificate shows that you have sufficient antibodies in one of these three cases:

OR you have been fully vaccinated (or partially vaccinated (already a week), but most European countries do not accept this as a valid certificate)
OR you can submit a negative PCR test
OR you have recently recovered from corona (min. 10 days since positive test)
You can see and download your own certificate via:

- OR the CovidSafeBE app (mobile)

- or
- the central helpdesk covid certification: 078 78 78 50. Pay attention! It is wise to download and print this certificate so that you also have it on paper. It can be sent by regular mail (request via 078 78 78 50, on weekdays between 9 am and 7 pm). Allow a week for this.

The GP or the local triage or vaccination center cannot help you with this!

The certificate is valid from 1 July. In some countries this certificate is sufficient, others impose additional requirements. Think not only of your final travel destination, but also of countries through which you travel to reach that destination.

More information?

To test

Whether a test is required depends on your destination. Each country is free to set conditions. Even if one is fully vaccinated, a PCR test may still be necessary! So be sure to read the following info at

The time of taking a PCR is sent electronically to the lab result form and cannot be changed. Airline travelers should make sure that their appointment is no sooner than 48 or 72 hours before their landing, depending on the country.

You can be tested at dokters kwatrecht. Take an appointment at and choose as your doctor "reservatie covid test". The assistant will receive you for the administration. 

Where are the regional test centers ? 
Triage Center Merelbeke
Kloosterstraat n.o.s., 9820 Merelbeke
Monday to Sunday: 9.30 am-12.30 pm Without an appointment
Beervelde Triage Center
Kloosterstraat 2, 9080 Beervelde
Every working day: 9.30am-12.30pm

The test is only free if you create a code yourself in advance on The home doctor cannot do this for you! If you take a test without a code, you will receive an invoice of 50 euros from the lab. 

You preferably get your tests in a regional test center. The GP can not test everybody due to other work. When you visit the GP without this code, the test will cost 50 euro per person plus the consultation price.

The return

Depending on the color code of the travel destination, there are three options. Be sure to read this carefully, after all, returning from a red zone does not mean that you have to go into quarantine anyway. 

Before entering Belgium after ( 48h or more) travel, please fill a plf online:Passagier Lokalisatie Formulier | Passagier Lokalisatie Formulier ( .  You will get an automatic answer, telling you if quarantine and tests are needed. You receive a message from the contact tracer with code and list of test centers. The test can also be done at the GP (even if there are no GPs in the list of places where you can test). In these cases, there are no lab fees wherever you choose to go. The lab sends the results immediately to the official media in both cases (sciensano, covid passport).

You can find the right information here: