In our waiting room, safety is increased by mouth masks, alcohol gel, and ventilation. We aim to admit fewer people at the same time. You take place 1.5 m from others, the fourth person has to take a seat in the hall, more people wait outside. Covid tests can be done in our office or in the test centers See: If you have a fever or cough, you must notify the doctor in advance (also when requesting home visits). There are no consultations on Saturdays during the epidemic. 

Getting a test

Covid tests can be done in our offices or in the triage centers (cf the link below). We offer both classic tests and quick tests. In both cases, a sample is taken from the nose. You will usually receive the result of the classic test by SMS within 12 to 24 hours. Results of quick tests are available during the same consultation. Both tests are fully reimbursed under certain circumstances (e.g. in case of complaints such as cough, long-term contact with a positive person, for hospital admissions, ...) and we can then get paid directly by the health insurance (mutualiteit).


In 2021, as many people as possible will be vaccinated against Covid19. We strongly recommend the vaccine. We took it ourselves.  It is good that questions are asked about the advantages and disadvantages of each new vaccine. This is always done with every new vaccine. The worse the disease, the more deaths from the disease, the clearer it is that the vaccine has far more advantages than disadvantages. Therefore vaccination against Covid19 is strongly recommended. You will in any case be invited by the government by letter to a vaccination center (Warande sports center in Wetteren).  At the time of vaccination, they give the vaccine that is delivered. Nobody can choose the type or brand name of his vaccine himself. It is not yet known whether we, as a general practitioner, will be able to vaccinate patients ourselves at home (if you are having difficulty moving around). In any case, this will be later than vaccination dates in vaccination centers. We do not have a single dose of this vaccine and we have not been promised anything in that regard.

When does one get the vaccine?

People over 65 and patients with a chronic condition are vaccinated at the vaccination centers in March. The government will send the invitations for this at the beginning of March. People with chronic diseases are automatically selected based on past medication use. You do not need to contact your doctor to be placed on a priority list for vaccination, this is determined automatically, but you must have an active global medical record (GMD). This is only possible if you visit the doctor at least once per calendar year and on the condition that your current, valid identity card has been read with us. The rest of the population will then have a turn from June. As general practitioners, we cannot change that.